A definitive rank of FSM drinks based on caffeine levels

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When it comes to finals, sleep is nonexistent and the work is without end. Sometimes we need a little caffeine buzz to help us out. Lucky for you, this ranking is here to answer all your coffee-related questions.

If you want to know what’ll keep you up and at work, or maybe what’s best suited for that last stretch of studying, turn to this definitive ranking of the Free Speech Movement Cafe’s drinks based on caffeine levels.

8. Coke/Diet Coke

Like any soda, Coke has a minimal amount of caffeine, but those that are very sensitive to it may turn to soda to keep them up.

7. Tea

Tea provides us with a variety of options, from the non-caffeinated chamomile meant to help induce sleep, to the English Breakfast that’s tailored to get us rolling. Some teas offer a caffeine rank on the back, but a classic rule of thumb is the darker the tea, the more caffeinated it is.

6. Chai Latte

As a black tea, chai tends to be more potent in caffeine, however the milk used in the latte will dilute the amount per ounce.

5. Americano/Latte/Cappuccino

All espresso drinks at FSM are double shot, and therefore will all have the same amount of caffeine. This is what people usually tend to order, but it’s actually less potent then you may think.

4. Dirty Chai

A chai with a double shot of espresso, this drink features additional caffeine and is best suited for those who like sweeter drinks or dislike the taste of coffee.

3. House Coffee

While most people tend to think espresso drinks have more caffeine, due to the amount of coffee you actually have in a house brew, turns out there’s more caffeine there. House coffee is almost always the cheapest option, doubling it as the most practical.

2. Red Bull

Ah, Red Bull. If you hate coffee and tea, but still need a kick of caffeine, energy drinks are an easy option. FSM tends to stock different flavors on hand too, but it may be harder to find these in the midst of dead week.

1.”The Spider”/ Red Eye

When we’re in desperate need, a Red Eye is what we at the Clog turn to. It’s a cup of house brew with a double shot of espresso. This provides the highest amount of caffeine and definitely packs a punch.

Good luck with finals, Bears!

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