East Bay Community Law Center, Homeless Action Center file restraining order against former client

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The East Bay Community Law Center, or EBCLC, and Homeless Action Center, or HAC, filed petitions for a restraining order against Lawrence Minsky, a homeless man who has used both organizations’ services.

According to the petitions filed April 18 and Thursday, Minsky allegedly made explicit death threats against HAC executive director Patricia Wall to EBCLC lawyer Osha Neumann for the last two months. He allegedly harassed employees at the EBCLC office April 14. He also threatened to burn down the building.

“Mr. Minsky left four phone messages on the extension of Mr. Neumann, accusing him of telling the Homeless Action Center and Bay Area Community Services (BACS) to keep him homeless and wanting him to be miserable,” the petitions alleged. “He accused the East Bay Community Law Center of being part of a ‘nonprofit Mafia,’ which included … (the) Homeless Action Center.”

The petitions stated that on April 14, Minsky had asked the EBCLC to help upload images of his RV on Craigslist so he could sell it online. When Neumann attempted to explain how to transfer the images from an email onto the desktop, Minsky allegedly grew frustrated and accused him of trying to obstruct his sale.

The East Bay Community Law Center and Homeless Action Center declined to comment.

Minsky formerly received his mail from HAC’s Berkeley office, but was banned from the premises two years ago after he allegedly made violent threats against the staff, targeting Wall in particular. Approximately two months ago, Minsky allegedly renewed his death threats against Wall to Neumann.

“The threats included to kill Ms. Wall, to drive his car through the window at HAC, and to kill Ms. Wall’s dog,” the petitions alleged.

Berkeley Police Department was unavailable for comment as of press time.

The restraining order requested the protection of Neumann, as well as all other employees and volunteers at the EBCLC, according to the petitions. HAC also asked for the protection of all its employees in addition to Wall and her dog. Both Neumann and Wall requested that Minsky stay at least 500 yards away from all EBCLC and HAC employees.

There is currently a temporary restraining order demanding that Minsky stay at least 100 yards away from Wall, Wall’s dog and her coworkers. It is set to expire on the day of the HAC’s court hearing, which will take place May 9.

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