Break-up letter to your lecture buddy

Andrea Chau/Staff

Dear casual class acquaintance I always sit next to in lecture,

The end of the semester is drawing near and I really think we need to talk. This has been a long time coming (since January 17 I believe), but let’s not try and pretend we’re friends outside of this class. I’m not going to lie and say we didn’t have some good times. Borrowing each other’s pencils, the painful jokes from the professor when we feigned a polite laugh together to save our grades — all memories I’ll hold dear to my heart. But still, I think it’s better if we end this here and remember it’s for the best. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy your company, and to be honest, there were moments where you were the only person that mattered in my life.

When it was 10 p.m. on a Sunday night and you shared your notes with me to help me meet those reading response deadlines, you were truly the only person I cared about. But I feel like things have changed and we just don’t have anything in common anymore. Let’s save ourselves the painfully awkward conversations pretending to care about each other’s lives without History 124B as a buffer topic of conversation. Or worse, continue to talk about History 124B when all either of us want to do is forget that class ever existed or recall sitting through lectures three days a week.

It’s better we end this on a good note rather than let it go down a dark road when our hearts aren’t in it. It’s not you, it’s me. Going into summer I really need to focus my attention away from school and onto important things — such as Netflix, and pretending I didn’t just dig my GPA into its own grave this semester. I truly think we both are just on two separate paths in life. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you in an upper division course next year and we can try to pick up the pieces where they left off, but right now I don’t want to do this if I can’t give it 100 percent. So before things go too far,and we exchange numbers or follow each other on social media, I’m breaking up with you.


Your ex-classmate

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