Businesses with Black Lives Matter posters vandalized

Joshua Jordan/Staff

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Two businesses on Alcatraz Avenue with Black Lives Matter posters posted on their windows had windows broken with BB gun pellets, as first reported by KRON 4.

Christopher Ford, owner of Hercules Records, one of the affected businesses, alleged that the very first break-in occurred the night of the Milo Yiannopoulos protest in February.

According to Ford, the windows were possibly smashed as a result of Black Lives Matter posters that were posted on both of the windows of the affected businesses.

“Both businesses have Black Lives Matter posters in the windows and none of the other businesses in the area had their windows broken,” Ford said.

Hercules Records and the other business’ windows were found vandalized twice, according to Ford. While the window at Hercules Records was smashed the first time, only a hole was made through it the second time.

Fixing the window cost around $500 the first time and around $1000 the second time, Ford said. Ford added that while there was financial harm to his business, there was no physical harm inflicted.

“The second business was also hit twice, and both times were in correlation with these (events) that are happening on the campus,” Ford alleged. “My business was (hit) on the night of the rally.”

Ford believes there is a connection between a “contingency” of anti-Black Lives Matter individuals around the city and the smashing of the two businesses with Black Lives Matter posters on their windows.

Campus freshman and ASUC Senator-elect Megha Torpunuri, expressed her disapproval for people resorting to violence, saying it’s a “shame,” especially since the attacks were allegedly against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear about violence like this occurring so close to home,” said campus freshman Elena Cullen. “It doesn’t help either party involved when there is targeted harassment and violence. I hope no one was harmed and that they have already started recreating the Black Lives Matter posters.”

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