Farewell to the dorms

Crystal Zhong/File

Farewell to thee, Unit One!

To be honest, you were kinda fun.

My triple room on the seventh floor,

With its great view and squeaking door,

Was a place for sleeping, not for play,

So there I wouldn’t spend my day.

To the lounge instead I would go,

To study with everyone that I know.

Together we would often go to dinner,

(But when we chose Crossroads, no one was a winner).

Five minutes to campus can’t be beat!

Now I have to live much farther down the street.

What won’t be missed: The “Hugo!” calls,

Late night, their echoes reverberated off the walls.

I also won’t miss my dear bunk bed,

Which caused me to hit the ceiling with my head.

To my two roommates, I wish nothing but the best,

Even though we put each other’s patience to the test.

Sorry for strewing my stuff everywhere,

But in that small room, space is very rare.

And those public bathrooms! The horror!

They made me value privacy much more.

Everyone in the community was super kind,

A better group of residents you will not find.

RA sightings were quite faint,

Unless someone submitted a noise complaint!

The dorms: an experience I will never forget,

Although I will leave with more than one regret!

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