How to actually study for your finals during dead week

Nicole White/File

Dead week all too often becomes seven days of procrastination. Fortunately, our current technological age offers us tools to help us actually get our sh*t done.

One of our favorite tools for productivity is the app Forest, which occupies your phone screen and grows a virtual tree while you’re focusing. Exit out of the app, and the virtual tree will be killed (and a real tree will be planted, since the app partners with Trees for the Future and has succeeded in planting 111,681 trees at the time of this article). This can help phone addicts focus on studying at a cost of only $2 per download (iOS and Android).

Another way to ensure that you get your sh*t done is to use Wunderlist, an app that can sync folders, reminders, notes and due dates to all of your devices. This app is free on Android and iOS, so there’s no harm in checking it out.

An essential piece of finals advice for all Google Chrome users: install the Block Site plugin. This allows you to set times in which certain websites are off limits. It’s a great, simple way to ensure that you stay on task.

Using tools like Toggl to manage your time is an insane 21st century advantage. The site ( tracks your time, allowing you to analyze and improve upon how much time you’re spending actually studying for those tests.

With all of these advantages modern technology brings, you can be more prepared than ever to ace those finals. Use these tips wisely, and we hope you’ll greet your final exams with success.

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