What RRR week really stands for

Priyanka Karthikeyan/File

Even though the administration insists that RRR stands for reading, review and recitation, those three words don’t fully capture the desperation and dread associated with dead week. A more updated interpretation of RRR is necessary in order to describe the UC Berkeley student experience in the week leading up to finals.

Relax, release and rescue

Relax — It’s only Monday of dead week? You have plenty of time to study.

Release all that nervous energy by partying and continuing to not study.

Rescue your grade with three all-nighters and promise yourself that next time you’ll start studying earlier.

Resist, reason and re-grade

Resist the urge to put off studying another day.

Reason with yourself — you have an entire week to study. There’s no need to rush into things.

Regrades abound when students desperately scrape for points after delaying studying.

Reflect, realize and run away

Relfect on your classes and all of the knowledge you’ve absorbed.

Realize you have learned nothing.

Run away.

Any UC Berkeley student knows that these alternative forms of RRR are much more accurate than its formal interpretation. We also know that “dead” week is probably the best descriptor of them all.

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