Power ranking: Worst dead week study spots

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The dreaded time of the semester is coming: finals. Yes, that means summer is closer than ever, but it also means that we have to sit through multiple three-hour-long exams. And study for hours. In Main Stacks.

To help you with your studying endeavors, here are the Clog’s four worst study spots ranked from “best” (if you can say that) to worst, based on three categories: volume, disgustingness and food.

Inside the Campanile

Volume: 5/5. Although the Campanile seems impressive when looking at it, once inside, it’s pretty sub-par. After all, there are obnoxious bells that chime loudly every freaking hour, which would probably be distracting. On the other hand, though, you could just take a well-deserved break every time the bells ring, and it wouldn’t be a problem for you (or, on the other hand, you’ll go crazy and won’t be able to sleep because of the sound of bells)!

Disgustingness: 1/5. Seeing as the Campanile is the main attraction for prospective UC Berkeley students, it’s pretty clean. It’s the main bragging point between UC Berkeley and Stanfurd (even though we all know that tower size doesn’t matter). Because of this, it’s also one of the cleanest study spaces —and nothing like Dwinelle Hall. Or Main Stacks. Or Wurster Hall.

Food: 1/5. You can eat in here, so it’s not completely at the bottom of the ranks. You can bring all your favorite snacks up, sit in the tiny viewing area surrounded by tourists and do hours of homework (with the handy-dandy bells reminding you when it’s time to take a break).

Total: 7/15

Main Stacks

Volume: 1/5. The volume in Main Stacks is actually pretty stellar. Because of the fact that it attracts all the students that are beyond what plebeians call “stressed out,” Main Stacks is completely silent. It’s so quiet that we wonder if students even breathe.

Disgusting-ness: 2/5. Honestly, not bad. Main Stacks is pretty clean, especially because it’s underground. Most people also avoid it since it’s literally a dungeon.

Food: 5/5. Food in Main Stacks is the worst. First of all, if you eat anything that people can even faintly hear, they’ll turn around and shoot you glares sharper than most of the tools in a shed. Students will literally hunt you down and make you throw away your food in order to not disrupt their studying. Also, there are people who are paid to hunt down any snackers and make you throw away your food. They’ve been known to take their job very seriously, so beware. 

Total: 8/15

Recreational Sports Facility

Volume: 3/5. Definitely more terrible than Main Stacks. This is mainly because no one actually studies here. We get the appeal — you want to watch people work out so it motivates you to work out your brain. That’s definitely something a normal person would do! But, bummer for you, the amount of people in the RSF is pretty rough. Plus, you’ll be one of the few studying.

Disgusting-ness: 2/5. Well, it’s a gym. But even for a gym, it’s pretty clean. Just disregard the significant sweat smell lingering in the air.

Food: 5/5. You can eat in here, so bully for you. Bring all your favorite snacks and get ready to eat (while the significant stench of sweat engulfs you).

Total: 10/15


Volume: 5/5. Seeing as this is a dining hall and the only place where UC Berkeley students are ever social, it’s nice and loud — exactly what you need when studying for finals. Come in here when you feel like doing some deep thinking about Nietzsche or the life cycles of fruit flies. What could be better than hundreds of loud freshmen?

Disgusting-ness: 5/5. Oof, it couldn’t get worse than this. Since Crossroads feeds hundreds of freshmen everyday, pristine cleanliness goes out the window after a few hours of being open. Come here and enjoy the dried ketchup on the table or the plethora of crumbs of unknown foods. It’s a great place to study.

Food: 1/5: The one and only pro of studying at Crossroads is that you pay for a set amount of food, and then you can eat for an endless amount of hours. Enjoy!

Total: 11/15

Hope these study spots help you in your quest to have the worst studying habits ever! Stay strong, Bears.

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