What to say when asked about your summer plans

India Claire/Blog Staff

Summer is fast approaching: the time of sun, surf and research internships! Most of us UC Berkeley students are probably feeling the stress of finding something worthwhile to do over the summer — and only because of peer pressure. We hear of a friend landing their “dream internship,” and from then on we stress about being super behind. But really, whatever you do with your summer is completely up to you and totally fine, whether it be traveling, counting fruit flies, Netflix-ing or running a lemonade stand (who doesn’t love to do this during the summer?).

Despite the fact that your summer is yours, some people will try to compare their summer plans to yours. If people ask you incessantly about what you’re doing, we at the Clog have come up with some awesome responses:

  1. I have a three-month paid internship with a rocket scientist at NASA. And yeah, I know I’m not studying astrophysics, but despite the fact that I had no experience whatsoever, I was still smart enough to land this internship.
  2. I’m going to a remote island for three months. You won’t be able to contact me because there is no cell or Internet service. See you next semester!
  3. No, wait, you tell me first! I’m so excited to hear your response!
  4. I’m taking four summer classes all taught by Nobel laureates.
  5. I’m doing a trek through uncharted territory in the North Pole. If I see Santa Claus, do you want me to tell him you say hello?
  6. I’ll be climbing Mount Everest. Oh, have I never mentioned that I am a professional mountaineer? Everest will be a piece of cake for me.
  7. I’m going to learn 12 languages. Yep, believe it.
  8. I’m going to create my own business. It won’t be that hard; I am in Haas after all.
  9. I’m acting in a big blockbuster movie. Just don’t ask me how I got the role — it’s a secret. Well, I guess I’ll tell you the secret anyway. I’ve been a professional actress my whole time at UC Berkeley. I just wear a wig here. I got the idea from this pretty underground show called “Hannah Montana.” Have you heard of it?
  10. I’m doing research with the most famous professor here. Oh yeah Mr. … RIGHT! HIM!
  11. I’m going to study abroad in Madrid. But wait, get this: while in Madrid, I’m going to study abroad in Paris. So it’ll be studying abroad while studying abroad. How cool is that? I bet no one you know has thought of doing that before.
  12. I’m going to take a cruise around the world that’ll only take two weeks. That’s possible now because, science.
  13. I’m going to be having the lamest summer ever and accomplish nothing. Yep, don’t question it.
  14. I’m going to do exactly what you think I’m going to do. What do you think I’m going to do?
  15. Why do people care so much about what other people are doing over the summer, anyway?

We’re so close to summer! Just a few weeks and we’ll be doing whatever we want to, whether that be going to a remote island or climbing Mount Everest. Stay strong fam!

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