A beginner’s guide to packing up for summer

Rachael Garner/File

Dear one-year-of-college-older student,

You’ve finally finish another year of college, and while you surely love UC Berkeley with all of your little innocent heart, you probably can’t wait to get the heck out of here and escape the stress that academics here have provided you with. Because we at the Clog know you’re itching to pack up every last belonging you own before you get the boot to depart your living space, here are some helpful tips to help you successfully fill up your moving boxes in an easy and organized manner.

1. Take an inventory of your belongings and organize them into categories

Before you actually begin the packing process, you first need to make a list of everything that’s currently in your room to ensure that you don’t miss anything on the actual move-out day. Make a list of all your clothing items, valuables, toiletries, books, etc. Then, organize them into categories by things you’re planning on bringing home, storing, donating or selling.

2. Secure boxes, bins or suitcases

Get together some containers to pack away your things and be sure to label them. This will ensure that you know what’s in them once you go back to unpack them next semester. You can reuse old Amazon boxes or head down to a post office to get boxes for free (yes, post offices have free boxes!).

3. Remove everything from your walls 

Formally begin the process of taking apart your room by ripping down your Bob Marley and Animal House posters, photos of now-irrelevant friends from high school and store them away safely. Once your walls are bare, it will finally start to hit home that this year of college is coming to a close!

4. Netflix really hard for a few hours, then pack up a box

In order to restrain yourself from being a spooky productive person, or taking 5 million years to pack up your entire room, take a little Netflix break. Then, once you’ve discovered who A is in Pretty Little Liars, grab your list, pick up a category and pack a box.

Now that you have a few tips on how to get organized, make a move and start moving out!

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