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How to make your hometown feel like Berkeley

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MAY 18, 2017

It’s only been a few days since our last finals, but we at the Clog already miss Berkeley. There’s just something about the sights, sounds and smells that can’t be replicated in any other city. If you find yourself as school-sick as we are after spending some time at home, read on to discover how you can make your very own Berkeley, no matter where you are.

Pick the right soundtrack

Background noise is the key to getting the Berkeley ambiance just right. We recommend a track containing ambulance and police sirens as a good start. For that Southside touch, make sure it includes a loud car revving and, every now and then, the shrieks of drunken girls.

Eat the local food

The flavors of Berkeley are truly unique. To really recreate the Berkeley foodie experience, head to Taco Bell whenever you get the munchies, just like you would if you were at school! If that fails, just DoorDash or Postmates all of your meals, because we all know you can’t be bothered to cook (we can’t either).

Take a walk

Not every city is built up on a hill like Berkeley is. If your hometown is a bit flatter, there’s an easy way to replicate the feeling of a casual stroll through campus — head to the StairMaster at the gym! After a few minutes of simulated climbing, you’ll feel just like you do after making the walk from Valley Life Sciences Building to Soda Hall.

Get in the mood

It’s all about that Berkeley state of mind. The key to feeling like you’re really back in Berkeley is to feel like you would if you were in Berkeley! Skip out on sleep for a few nights to revive that exhaustion-induced delirium and find something to stress about incessantly. Ah, it’s just like being back at school!

Get on the right time

Keeping up the practice of Berkeley time is another easy way to make you feel like you’re back in Berkeley. Be warned, however — people in your hometown may not take as kindly to your lateness as people in Berkeley will.

There you have it, Bears. When you’re starting to feel ready to head back to Berkeley, just utilize these tips, and you’ll feel like you’re already there. Have a great summer!

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MAY 18, 2017