Editor’s note: Lighting the path

In a world marred by its own impending doom, innovation has never been more important. It’s natural, then, that research and innovation hubs would be located all around, including right here in Berkeley.

UC Berkeley is a premier research institution, not just because of its mastery of any one field, but because innovation in everything is emphasized here. This means not just work in a chemistry lab or behind a computer, but behind a telescope, in a library and even on a dance floor.

While research itself sounds like a grandiose concept, there is the potential for just as much innovation to come from undergraduates studying for their theses as from professors working in laboratories in the hills.

And with the perceived value of academia ­­in all fields dropping behind that of working in higher-paying industry jobs, that work in innovation and research could use some highlighting.

Hooman Yazdanian is the managing editor. Contact him at ma[email protected].

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