Quiz: How to best procrastinate?

Olivia Staser/File

In case you didn’t know, summer school started this week. And you know what that means: procrastination has returned. Yet no two Golden Bears are alike, so we at the Clog have created a little quiz to help you discover the best way to avoid your responsibilities this summer.

  1. How do you usually spend your Friday nights? 
    1. Turnt! Find me at theta beta pie!! Bids only.
    2. Netflix (and chillin’)
    3. Asleep by 10.
  2. What’s your go-to late night order?
    1. Buffalo chicken wings
    2. Tater tots
    3. Pancakes and bacon
  3. If you had to be one building on campus, what would it be?
    1. The Campanile
    2. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
    3.  Valley Life Sciences Building
  4. How do you feel about the 8 a.m. class?
    1. No. Just no.
    2. Uh, is it webcasted?
    3. I love early mornings! I feel more productive, and haven’t you heard? The early bird catches the worm!
  5. What’s the best study spot on campus?
    1. Caffe Strada
    2. Doe Library
    3. Main Stacks
  6.  You’re in desperate need of a slice, what pizza spot do you run to?
    1. Artichoke’s
    2. Run? More like Postmates.
    3. Pieology
  7.  You have an essay due Friday, when do you start?
    1. What’s the prompt? How many pages is it? Haven’t read the books.
    2. Due Friday? Do Friday.
    3. I already finished it! Just needs edits.
    1. You are the life of the party! You’re always down to turn up and have fun. You’re definitely a people person and any chance you have to be involved, you take it. For someone like you, we recommend you spend summer doing what you do best: partying. From kick-backs to full on fiestas, this is definitely the way to spend summer days – out of the library.
    2. You’re a laid-back, chill person who likes to have fun, but is definitely not a party animal. You never stress, and tend to be a homebody. The best option for a guy/gal like you this summer is to start a brand new show on Netflix. Preferably, start one with several seasons, in which all the episodes are an hour, at least. Become quickly addicted to it, making effective studying impossible. For this, I recommend Gray’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl or Sherlock.
    3. Congrats! You’re the kind of person that has their life together. You like to wake up early, are always productive, and have never turned in a homework late. By now, you have already outlined your study guides and finished your Quizlet for next weeks quiz. You’re the student we all aspire to be, but probably will never become. You rarely procrastinate, but if you do it’s probably productive anyway. For you, we recommend you plan out the next decade of your life. Spend summer deciding your future dream job (Apple or Goldman Sachs?), where you want to live, and where in the French countryside you’ll want to stay post-grad.

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