Exchange students: that moment when you wish you were back in Berkeley

Gillian Perry/File
Gillian Perry/Staff

As an international student, it seems that just as you start to assimilate into American society and find your bearings, you are ripped out of your makeshift home and plonked back into your home country. It soon dawns on you that America has rubbed off on you far more than you ever thought it would.

When people are rude but claim they are being “sarcastic”


When the weather is shit


When they bring your main course and it looks like you ordered from the kids menu


When you look the wrong way when crossing the road


When the jet lag won’t just leave you the fuck alone


When you’ve missed out on a year’s worth of gossip and have no idea who is hooking up with whom anymore



I spent the last year being told how British I was, and now coming back to London, I could not feel more American. Hopefully, soon enough, I will be offending people left, right and center with my “sarcasm” and enjoying my egg-cup-sized portion of soup.

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