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Campus spots that should be tourist destinations

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JUNE 01, 2017

Northern California is home to some pretty awesome sites, and one of the settings with an abundance of go-to places is none other than UC Berkeley. So as you’re road-tripping along California, after passing Big Sur, why not stop and explore all of the beautiful buildings the number one public university in the world has to offer?

Evans Hall

One of the tallest buildings around and isolated from all civilization, Evans is the perfect place if you want to waste 15 minutes waiting for the elevator, because who doesn’t have that kind of time to blow? The lack of natural light makes it a fitting site to fail those weekly math quizzes. Where else would you rather be than at your 8 a.m. math discussions?

Soda Hall

Filled with the most well-rested students, this place can really make you feel like you’re living in a dream. The long, steep walk up to Soda is pretty much a road trip, and it’s a great way to get some exercise in before spending hours underground in lab. There are very few activities that can compete with spending every Friday morning in Wozniak Lounge for the weekly CS70 homework party and then being able to walk right next door to a spacious alcove for office hours. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Main Stacks

With its warm temperatures and welcoming environment, Main Stacks is definitely one of the happiest places on campus. Not only does it have great cell service, but it also really promotes the maintenance of good health by not only allowing food, but encouraging people to bring in study snacks. Rumor has it people compare spending 10 hours in Main Stacks with spending a lifetime in heaven.

Pimentel Hall

Every midterm and final should take place in Pimentel. Its steep slope, small desks and close seating make it the ideal testing environment. Berkeley students definitely aren’t stressed enough for their exams and Pimentel is really there to get us all in a better testing mentality. The best part might actually be when everyone starts crowding in 10 minutes early and the TAs announce that everyone has to sit every other seat, but there are clearly way too many students for that type of arrangement. Ahh nothing better than touching arms with your neighbors.

Dwinelle Hall

If you ever really, really need to use the restroom, Dwinelle is the place to get comfortable with. At the center of campus, its two large lecture rooms are prime test-taking locations. In addition, the extremely warm temperatures in the classrooms on the second floor make it an excellent nap-taking environment. The confusing architecture keeps things fun and interesting, especially when you’re in a rush to get from one side of the building to the other.

Wurster Hall

There is a lot of controversy over the likability of Wurster — it seems people either love it or they don’t. And for those who find beauty in its prison-like appearance, it’s easy to see why. Wurster is great if you’re looking for a library that guarantees the transformation of your study time into social hour. There is always a faint chatter and occasional giggling making it extremely easy to get distracted. What are midterms again?

This clearly lists the cream of the crop here on campus. Surely these incredible monuments could even convince even the biggest UC Berkeley doubter to come here.

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JUNE 01, 2017