Editor’s note: California Dreamin’

It’s easy to let the modern world and the grind of daily life occupy all your time. To some, exploration means going out to faraway lands and discovering places no one has ever been.

But exploration comes easily in a state like California, with so many places to go and see. You can drive along the coast to check out some of the cleanest waters and nicest sands around ­— and most importantly, ride some gnarly waves. You can go to art museums or lava beds, candy shops or boutiques.

You can drive to Los Angeles and see the stars, or at least where they’ve walked. You can find some hidden gems in small towns packed with history, quirkiness, beer and pistachios.

And if you don’t want to leave Berkeley, you can even find things to explore in our hills. So, with so many options to please all comers and goers, there’s really no excuse not to go out and explore California.

Hooman Yazdanian is the managing editor. Contact him at [email protected].

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