Why UC Berkeley is the best: high school perspective

Michael Drummond/File

Ah, UC Berkeley. Good ol’ UCB. The home of the Golden Bears, otherwise known as the promised land. Those other UCs ain’t got nothin’ on us (and neither do those l0sers at $tanfurd).

It’s probably the easiest UC to spell

Berkley Berkly Berkely Berkeley is by far the simplest and most straightforward UC name (don’t worry, you’ll get it right eventually). Why couldn’t Santa Barbara have chosen an easier name like us? SMH.

B-town lets you indulge in all your protest fantasies

Protests, fire and large-scale art projects pretty much every two to three weeks, homies. What else could you ask for?

Berk is on the semester system

Students on the quarter system don’t know what they’re missing out on. There’s no better feeling in the world than when you’re failing your Chem 3A class 10 weeks into the term but realize that you still have another 10 weeks to try to save your sorry ass, not to mention getting out a month early. Oh, you’re on the quarter system? Sorry, friend, you’re out of luck.

We got the eats

The Cheese Board Collective? Yum.

Guacamole 61? To die for.

Literally anything on Shattuck Avenue? Yes, please.

Our chancellor is by far the best

How lucky we are to have a man that handles money, reform, assault cases and fences so well.

We have a bomb-ass memes page

UCLA may have their page for sick AF tweens and UCSD may have one for the sleep-deprived but who else has one for EDGY teens?

No one else, that’s who.

UC Berkeley students are the hippiest

Who doesn’t love being surrounded by politically correct flower children 24/7? The liberal life is the life to live (plus there’s some pretty good weed involved).

Bonus: The Half-Price Books store on Shattuck Avenue had a Pat Benatar album $5.99!!!

UC Berkeley is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun campus. During the spring and fall terms especially, you’ll never be with a dull moment, including the rigorous but rewarding academics of course. Plus, you can always kick back and relax at Caffe Strada whenever you need that well-deserved study break (free WiFi and power outlets, holla).

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