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Hometown shoutout: Anaheim Hills, CA

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JUNE 07, 2017

If you’re ever in Orange County and feel like taking a trip to the outer edges of suburbia, then Anaheim Hills is your place. Regular folks as well as celebrities like Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars, “Friday” singer Rebecca Black and former Lakers coach Mike Brown reside in houses there.

Besides the minor celebs, the beauty of Anaheim Hills captures the nostalgia of rural life in an urban setting. It’s located on the edge of Orange County, about 20 miles from Disneyland, 30 miles from the nearest beach and 40 miles from Los Angeles. It’s a compromise between the quiet, solitary rural lifestyle and the loud, hectic city.

Being on the edge of Orange County, you’re close to nature. There are a ton of hiking trails at places like Oak Canyon Nature Center and Weir Canyon Wilderness Park. Want to exercise? Tennis courts and golf courses abound. Engaging in outdoor activities is a must because the weather hovers around 75 degrees year-round.

I often taken advantage of the nice weather by heading to Los Angeles Angels games or going to see the Anaheim Ducks and enjoying the cold of the ice rink amid the warm SoCal summer. Non-sports fans can go to VidCon, which is held at the Anaheim convention center, or go shopping at LUSH at Anaheim GardenWalk. If none of these options suffice, entertainment such as concerts in the park and scheduled coffeehouse meet-ups could appease the crowds.

Anaheim Hills is a complex place with a multitude of personalities. It’s quiet but close to a medley of activities. It’s a planned, carefully constructed community that exists on the fringe of suburbia. It’s an interesting place to grow up, a good place to visit and most importantly, my hometown. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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JUNE 07, 2017