Dads: They’re not bad cop


Parenting is a careful balance between good cop and bad cop. More times than not, dads have somehow gotten the reputation as the eternal bad cop. They have, much to their dismay, been called “man-children” far too often.

They can cook a great meal for the entire family but “forget” to wash all the dishes afterwards. They can pick up kids from school, sports practices, you name it, but they might not exactly have the best grasp on time.

But hey, let’s not let a few bad apples ruin the entire bunch. Here’s to the dads that refuse to have their thunder stolen by moms for being great parents!

Why exactly are dads not as bad as they’re made out to be, you ask?

First and foremost, dads are incredibly versatile. They can do all same stuff moms do and more. Who’ll lovingly get up to change the baby’s stank diaper or sooth a screeching child at 3 a.m.? Dads, when they’re told to, of course!

Many dads also take over the housework, laundry, cleaning and cooking while their partners care for the baby. Oftentimes, work is split fairly equally between both mom and pop. Plus, they’re the ones who end up doing the dirty work most of the time, such as mowing the lawn, unclogging toilets and fixing whatever’s broken whether or not they can (if you know what we mean). We’re sure dads would love to do even more, if only their significant others would let them!

Dads are most definitely not the worst at being great role models. Young girls and boys alike look up to their fathers for inspiration and take after them because fathers often appeal to the youthful nature in kids. Fathers are also the ones who usually discipline children, so they tend to lovingly revere fathers as figures of authority. That doesn’t mean that dads are stone-cold, however; they love their families with great hearts of gold! They are emotional rocks for their children and partners and never run out of love or dad jokes.

Studies even show that children with good dad interactions tend to be smarter than those without!

Dads just don’t get enough credit for how truly great they are. They have their little girls run to them screaming “Daddy!” from age four to 40. They’re cheesy AF but’ll never fail to make you laugh. Who else waits around (for hours, sometimes!) while moms treat themselves to some shoe shopping?

On behalf of the Clog, give your dad a big hug and thank him for being the best this Father’s Day! 

Peace, love, Clog, dads.

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