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Quiz: What kind of dad will you be?

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JUNE 16, 2017


  1. Your kid comes home an hour past curfew, you:
    1. Don’t notice because you’re asleep.
    2. Begin to accompany your child every time they go out to ensure they’ll be home on time in the future.
    3. Give a stern warning that no one really takes seriously.
    4. Ground them.
  2. Your kid gets bullied you:
    1. Beat up the bully.
    2. Tell your kid to stop being a nerd.
    3. Call your kid’s principal.
    4. Give your kid boxing lessons.
  3. Your go-to dad accessory is?
    1. Socks and sandals.
    2. Hawaiian shirt.
    3. Cell phone, pant clip, dad hat.
    4. Um, what?
  4. It’s barbecue time, you:
    1. Don’t attend because you’re vegan.
    2. Fire up that grill.
    3. Get drunk silently by yourself.
    4. Crack open a cold one with the boys.
  5. Your wife has just given birth, you:
    1. Cry out of happiness.
    2. Fist-bump your wife for a job well done.
    3. Take a selfie with your new baby.
    4. Immediately bring the baby to your baby-proofed house.
  6. Your kid asks you for help on their homework, you:
    1. Flirt with their teacher to ensure they get a good grade.
    2. Laugh at their stupidity.
    3. Pull out your old high school notes and help them.
    4. Hire a tutor.
  7. It’s vacation time, you choose:
    1. To rent an RV.
    2. Take your family on a tropical vacation.
    3. To have a chill staycation.
    4. To go to a yoga retreat.
    1. The chill dad: The chill dad is a certified bro. He’s super laid-back. The chill dad encourages their kids to just be themselves, but doesn’t really care if they do not that or not. The chill dad lives life to the fullest, but isn’t a try-hard.
    2. The overprotective dad: The overprotective dad makes it his duty in life to care for his children. He might seem a little overbearing but all of his actions are done out of love. This dad is going to always going to keep your best interests in mind.
    3. The sensitive dad: The sensitive dad is in tune with his emotions and his children’s as well. He may seem like a blubbering mess sometimes, but his overwhelming love is endearing.
    4. The tough dad: This dad gives no fucks. He has an attitude and speaks his mind. But under all that tough guy exterior, you’re bound to find a sensitive dad who really cares about his kids.


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JUNE 15, 2017