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Weird father's day gifts for your weird dad

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JUNE 16, 2017

Father’s Day is supposed to be about appreciating your father and the sacrifices he’s made for you. But more importantly, it’s about having a good time with your dad. Have fun and make Father’s Day interesting this year by getting imaginative with your gift.

Chia Pet

Not only are Chia Pets conversation starters, they’re also personalized tokens of appreciation. You can gift your dad whatever type of Chia Pet he’d want. With figures like Bernie Sanders and zombie Chia Pets in stock, there’s so many possibilities.  

Garden gnome

Help your dad spice up your dull, suburban yard with a garden gnome. Make sure to get one that’s stylish and reflects your father’s personality, like this zen gnome or this zombie gnome.


Nothing screams “I’m a cool dad” like wearing a onesie. There’ll be no more embarrassment over your father’s questionable fashion choices if you gift him this work of art.  

11 pounds of Nutella

Go to amazon.com and show your appreciation for your dad by purchasing this enormous jar. The best part about this gem of a gift is it’s ability to satisfy your Nutella addiction as well as your father’s.


Remember when you were in sixth grade and your Tamagotchi brought so much joy into your life? You can gift your dad with the same profound enjoyment by presenting him with his very own Tamagotchi for only $2.99.  


If your dad is anything like the average father, then he probably has a slight problem with flatulence. Beano can be your perfect solution, helping both your dad and the rest of your family.   


If your dad’s a true fashionista, he won’t turn down a nice pair of Birkenstocks. If you really want to get weird, invest in some neon green ones.  

Your old textbooks

Regifting something that’s of no use to you but is still valuable is the hallmark of effective gifting. And who says your dad doesn’t want to learn about linear algebra or environmental science?

If you appreciate your old man and you’ve got a good sense of humor, these are some potential gifts to add to the top of your list. Whether you regift your old textbooks or proudly purchase a Chia Pet for dad, we at the Clog are sure he’ll appreciate it.

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JUNE 15, 2017