Best locales easily accessible with AC Transit

Erica Lee/Staff

Berkeley is known for being in a great location, nestled in the middle of the Bay Area and surrounded by dozens of fascinating cities and cultures. But what if you’re living in Berkeley and don’t have a car? Or perhaps you want to explore but have found most things are a bit beyond your step count goal? If you’re a UC Berkeley student coming back for the summer, it’s time to finally put that AC Transit bus pass to good use.


If you’ve never been to Tilden Regional Park take a waterbottle and the 67 line up for a day of hiking. The 67 line’s Spruce Street and Grizzly Peak Boulevard bus stop is only a short stroll from the park entrance. In addition to beautiful views and rolling hills, Tilden Park also houses the Environmental Education Center and Little Farm. The Education Center is home to a small museum with interactive activities that focus on the wildlife and vegetation found throughout the park. At the Little Farm you’ll find chickens, pigs, goats and cows. From the Center and Farm, take a short walk to the famous Jewel Lake and take a selfie with a turtle.


Emeryville is one of Berkeley’s neighboring cities, and very useful if you’re in need of furniture or Ikea meatballs. But if you’re in the mood for shopping, take the F line to Emeryville’s beautifully lit outdoor mall. Emeryville Bay Street has tons of shops and eateries, (as well as dog walking nights!) and is perfect for an evening summer stroll. Maybe after you grab a bite to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, you can treat yourself to a book and coffee at Barnes & Noble before wandering into AMC Bay Street 16 for the latest showing of “Wonder Woman.”

Crab Cove:

For a beach day, take the 21 line and pay a visit to the shoreline preserve of Crab Cove. With miles of sandy beaches and calm waters, the cove is a perfect place to walk through nature and observe wildlife. The Visitor Center has an exciting array of exhibits as well as an aquarium museum. The 800-gallon aquarium is home to many vibrant Bay Area creatures. The Old Wharf Classroom at the Visitor Center provides a wide variety of educational programs and you can catch nature walks and demonstrations outside as well.

Lawrence Hall of Science:

The Lawrence Hall of Science is great for a day out with the family. The museum is filled with tons of interactive exhibits (for the science geek in you) and a stunning view of Berkeley, the marina and San Francisco. The view from the 65 line as you ascend the hill is reason enough, but if you need a little more convincing, the lab has free admission for campus students!

San Francisco:

Of course you can get to San Francisco using BART. But maybe you’re not in the mood to commute with your fellow East Bay citizens in a crowded BART car. You could take the F line toward San Francisco and get off at the end of the line at the Transbay Temporary Terminal. The Transbay Terminal is located in SoMa, so it’s just a quick walk to the pier!

Oakland Zoo:

If you’re missing your dog, fill the void in your heart by feeding some giraffes! The 46 line will take you to the Oakland Zoo, where you can attend a movie, feed animals or even go on safari. Interact with live animals every Saturday and Sunday at 11:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

No matter which bus line you choose, you’re sure to find an interesting town, new local bookstore, or a beautiful hike. So next time your class is canceled or you have a free weekend, try hopping on a bus and exploring your new backyard.

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