Best dog Instagram acounts to follow

Audrey McNamara/File

Dogs: the most selfless creatures on earth, the tail-wagging, kibble-eating companions we all know and love. Whether you own one of these wonderful animals or not, you may find yourself wishing to behold the beauty of the canine species at any given moment. The question becomes, where do you turn in times of need? Luckily, we live in the age of Instagram and its many virtual dog shrines.

Here are seven dog Instagrams worth a follow:

1. @cal_dogs
Like a dog, let’s remain loyal. As the “official dog account of Berkeley,” @cal_dogs offers the chance to support dogs as well as our school. Go Bears! Go dogs! You can even submit your own photos for a chance to be featured.

2. @dogs_lover_usa
This account consists of up-close-and-personal pictures of puppies. No matter your breed preferences, @dogs_lover_usa has them all as young tots.

3. @humanesociety
For the animal lovers/activists among us, the Humane Society is a top priority. Not only do you get pictures of dogs, but you also get to support national animal protection.

4. @dogsofinstagram
The timeless, the classic: @dogsofinstagram. This account pretty much consists of high-quality pictures of dogs modeling. What more could you ask for?

5. @dog
To be honest, this account is mostly made up of bad memes, but when you add a dog picture to the mix instead of a boring old human, things get a lot more entertaining.

6. @puppiesforall
You can never have too many puppy pictures. Just like our very own @cal_dogs, anyone can submit a photo of their own sprightly pup for a chance to be featured.

7. @puppytrip
All the puppies! There’s also occasionally a baby thrown in there if you’re more into the human species.

Honestly, anything with the word “dog,” “doggo” or “puppy” in the handle is worthy of your time. These are just a taste of the many options you have, so go out there and conquer the dog Instagram world! OR make your own account and bring joy to the lives of many.

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