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Perfect date spots in Berkeley

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JUNE 23, 2017

Woosh! Did you feel that? We thought so. It’s summertime in Berkeley, and you know what that means: Cupid’s shooting arrows left and right trying to create some heat to match the warm outside temperatures.

Need some suggestions on how to warm your crush’s heart? Want some ideas to help you and your boo get hot and bothered? Not to fret, dearest reader, we at the Clog are well-versed in the world of love and have the perfect places to take your special someone this summer season.

It might be National Kissing Day, but hold your horses folks, let’s get to know each other first.

For the first date on your distant crush: Campus walk

Walk it out. Nothing breaks the ice amongst admirers like a casual stroll. Whether you and your new pal just matched on Tinder, or had the hots for each other all summer long, walking through campus on a warm summer night is the move for the first date.

Start off by meeting at Caffe Strada to grab coffee and show all of your friends and former lovers alike that you’re a hot commodity, and the offers will keep rolling in. Check out the creeks on the North Side of campus and next to Dwinelle Hall for a more intimate setting, and/or the perfect place to lean in for that first kiss. Don’t worry we at the Clog don’t kiss and tell … or do we?

For the day-time date: Be cultured

Sit down. Be humble. Be cultured. The day-time date must strike a balance between saucy flirting, getting to know each other and casual conversation. To master this vibe in Berkeley, start off your date by grabbing sandwiches at Ike’s. Ike’s is not only Bay Area af (helping you seem like a local), it’s also dank as hell with their Dutch Crunch bread making mouths water all over NorCal. Take your sandwiches to a grassy knoll on campus and blissfully consume while making hot and bothering eye contact with your partner. Then, as your stomachs fills, and the sexual tension rises, head on over to BAMPFA to check out the artwork and pretend to be artsy and well-read.

Added bonus: in the summer, BAMPFA is less packed, providing plenty of spaces for a mid-afternoon make-out sesh.

For the late morning casual breakfast = Cafe Durant

Ah, luckily Cafe D is still around. While this spicy restaurant and bar is known for its alcoholic festivities, Cafe D actually has amazing breakfast and is hella cute out on the patio in the mornings. This cafe gives you lovebirds the perfect chance to nourish yourselves with tasty eggs benny, and each other’s glistening eyes, as you discuss your joint love for Fiona the hippo. Cafe D is perfect around 11 a.m.

Plus, they serve alcohol in case things get awkward.

For the sexy time date = your dorm

Don’t be a thotty and booty call your crush, but if it’s time for some sexy time, please do so in the privacy of your own abode.

Tell your roommates ahead of time and enjoy your Netflix and the chill, or the heat…

For the “you realize you like this person” date = Campanile

The Campanile. Always seen and always heard, though most students have never gone inside this beautiful tower. Heights are scary. The Campanile is tall. Take this journey up to the top with that guy or gal you have the warm and fuzzies for. This is the moment to go for that hand hold. Maybe even the hug. You can always blame your boldness on the elevation.

The brilliant view also opens the door to the holy grail of view pick up lines.

“Wow this is an amazing view!?”

*looks directly at date* “I know right.” *winks*

You’re welcome.

We at the Clog don’t date often, but when we do, you best believe Cupid smiles down at us in awe. Take our advice and we’ll consider attending leading the electric slide at y’all’s reception.

Nichole Bloom is the blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].

JUNE 23, 2017