Hello, Honolulu

Hailey Johnson/File

As the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu has a lot to offer including breathtaking hikes, world-renowned snorkeling and calming beaches.

One of the most frequented hikes is Diamond Head State Park. As the former home to Fort Ruger, the crater offers a trip into the past as hikers journey through what is left of the military reservation before reaching a beautiful view of Downtown Honolulu.


To the east of Diamond Head, one will find Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail. The road to the top has been paved so that the less adventurous among us are free from rigor or joint pain, but can still enjoy the wonderful views of the coast.


For the fish lovers out there, Honolulu has one of the best snorkel spots in Hawaii: Hanauma Bay. Nothing beats waking up before dawn to catch the sunrise over the partially enclosed bay and start the day with a bit of snorkeling. Arriving at dawn ensures free entry to the nature preserve as well as less tourists. The lack of sleep is well worth how stunning Hanauma Bay is, both above and below the water. Just make sure to watch out for shallow reefs.


If the whole waking-up-at-dawn-thing is a bit too much, but you still crave a less populated spot, the small beaches behind the neighborhoods of Kailua are the place to be. The water glows with turquoise radiance and just off the coast are two islets within paddling distance.


After a day at the beach in Kailua, there’s the delicious shaved ice joint – Island Snow – with tons of flavors and a scoop of ice cream in every cup.

Honolulu is also home to Pearl Harbor, which is open for tours and a very worthy spot for spending an afternoon.

After any of your chosen adventures in Honolulu, China Walls is a wonderful place to end the day and watch the sun go down. The flat rock enclosure looks across the island toward Downtown Honolulu and is often used as a jumping-off point for the more adventurous folk.


These are just a taste of the countless sights and activities offered in Honolulu. Nonetheless, they should definitely be a part of any trip to the capital.

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