Should you tag someone in a saucy meme?

Caragh Mc/Senior Staff

Memes are great and becoming increasingly saucy in recent months. But sometimes they might be a bit too saucy. We’ve all been there, you want to tag someone on Facebook in a saucy meme, but doubts arise. Will they find it funny? Is our relationship at the level of publicly declaring that type of sauciness? How will my family react seeing that I relate to this saucy content? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Are you dating?
Yes–> Are you already annoying with each other on social media?
            a. Yes–> Don’t tag them and stop being gross!
            b. No–> Tag them!
No–>Do you want to be dating them?
         a. Yes–> Tag away, memes are the way to one’s heart!
         b. No–>Will the meme scandalize your Facebook friends?
                         i. Yes–> Because of its edgy humor or adult content?
                                      a. Adult Content–>Do you GAF what people  think?
                                                i. Don’t do it, mate.
                                                ii. Tag them, baby.
                                      b. Edgy Humor–> Are you known for being edgy?
                                                i. Yes–> Be bold! Tag them in that meme!
                                                ii. No–> Don’t be a poser, buddy. No tag.
                         ii. No–> Tag away!

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