What’s the deal with gladiator sandals?

Gone are the days of the great Roman Empire, but one of their major clothing staples still remains today: gladiator sandals.

You may think, “Why would I care about gladiator sandals? They were so two years ago.” Because, well, why not? Sometimes you just have to ask the questions no one else will.

Many people watched gladiator sandals pick up steam a few years ago, bought a pair or two, watched them fizzle out over the past year and are now wondering what exactly happened to them. Fear not, the Daily Clog is here to answer your burning questions.

Timeless classics like the footwear of crowd-pleasing killing machines should never go out of style, friends. For better or for worse, however, fashion is ever-changing, so we at the Clog have investigated the apparent love-hate relationship with these shoes to find out whether they’re still worth raving about.

First things first, gladiator sandals have literally been sent from the fashion gods. Just look at them! How can just a pair of shoes be so stylish? You can wear them with just about any item of lower-body clothing such as shorts, skirts, leggings and yes, believe it or not, jeans (though we admit this is an acquired taste). Plus, the shorter ankle version is super comfy and gives you good support so your sweaty feet don’t slide around and cause you to fall and sprain something (damn you, thong sandals).

Now here’s the bad part. Nearly everyone who has merely attempted to slide their foot into this tangle of straps knows that they’re a major pain in the ass to put on. We can tell you that every time we do, the chorus of .38 Special’s “Caught Up In You” angrily plays in our heads. You try to shove one toe under the straps and three others go in three different directions. Don’t even get us started on the laces and how the full-calf ones slide down with every step you take until they turn into saggy ankle sandals. Maybe it all just depends on what brand you get, so we would highly suggest you invest in a firm pair if you do decide to get some.

After much examination, the Clog concludes that gladiator sandals are, in fact, worth the hype. It’s all a matter of patience versus style. But beware, you’ll end up with a frankly interesting tan. Both women and men can rock these shoes in modern day; if male rompers are a thing now, we’re pretty sure men can start wearing gladiator sandals again, too.

Let’s enjoy some of the trivial things in life and bring these shoes back from the grave of summer 2015!

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