The Other Chi Town

India Clare/Staff

Across the pond, there’s another Chi town – possibly the polar opposite of its American counterpart. It’s made up of two perpendicular cobbled streets and the most exciting thing to happen in the month of June was the day that Morris dancers came to visit – welcome to Chichester.

Chichester is easily accessible by a straight one hour train from London Victoria. It has everything to offer the American tourist who wants to witness some of England’s beautiful medieval buildings and also experience a quintessential British town.

Our weekend residence was Nunnington camp site. It was perfectly situated, a twenty minute walk to West Wittering beach and a fifteen minute drive to Chichester.


The Old House at Home is a pub down the road – the food was shit but the pints were cold.

West Wittering Beach is a sand beach with a lot of seaweed and sand dunes. Go there with some beers, friends and speakers and you’re set for a great afternoon.

The Foundry is a pub that doubles as a club. It was a questionable joint that attracted an eclectic mix of people – hen parties, old crusties and campers flocked to this Oasis for Top 40 jams and double rum and cokes. The drinks were strong and the music selection weak – your typical pub experience.

Bosham (pronounced Bozum) was a twenty minute drive away and is a gorgeous sailing town. We walked along the Shore Road, which offers fantastic views of the bay, cottages and rolling fields.

Train ticket: $45 (off peak return)

Camping: $19/night

Taxi to Chichester: $19-$28

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