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Can Christ be our redeemer?

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JULY 03, 2017

In these times of tumultuous political tension among the greater Berkeley community students, professors and Berkeley citizens alike all turn to Carol Christ (albeit with a critical eye) in hopes of bureaucratic redemption.

Op-Ed: UC Berkeley transitions from spiralist to loyalist

It had been the regime of spiralists: administrators who spiral in from outside, develop some signature project that allows them to spiral on, leaving the university to spiral down. Former chancellor Dirks’ signature project was the Berkeley Global Campus that, fortunately, was nipped in the bud by his resignation.

We now have a “loyalist” in charge. She’s already made a difference. She has been open to discussion and her multiple addresses are substantive and brief, always followed by respectful responses to questions.

— Michael Burawoy and Celeste Langan,
Co-chairs of the Berkeley Faculty Association

Op-Ed: Chancellor Christ has an opportunity lying at her feet

For too long, students have been considered an afterthought by the UC Berkeley administration and a nuisance for longtime Berkeley residents. Chancellor Christ and her new incoming administration have an opportunity to change that.

— Ben Gould
Recent UC Berkeley graduate student  with a masters in public policy and environmental engineering

Op-Ed: People’s Park still matters as a landmark

UC Berkeley’s new chancellor, Carol Christ, has spent decades on committees and promoting push polls trying to cobble together support for another assault on the park and its status as a global symbol of freedom, resistance and the common sense of user development.

— Carol Denney,
East Bay writer, musician, and the Human Rights Editor for Street Spirit newspaper 

Op-Ed: Graduate student Assembly demands Christ’s respect

We are students deserving of world-class instruction and advising. Professional students are more than streams of revenue. Graduate students are more than employees — a term denied our population nationally, as it would secure us such things as workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. We are teachers and researchers deserving of fair treatment by our employer. We are children, siblings, parents and friends deserving of an affirming, supportive and safe campus climate. We are complicated, but are we necessary, too. We are as much a part of UC Berkeley as anyone.

— Kena Hazelwood-Carter
 President of the UC Berkeley Graduate Student’s Assembly

Op-Ed: Chancellor Christ — the sustainability hero we’ve been waiting for?

Chancellor Christ has a powerful opportunity to become the champion that helps the campus rise to its potential as a global and national sustainability leader, especially at this critical time. Students have already created and passionately operate robust sustainability movements. Chancellor Christ only needs to join them.

— Anna Whitney,
Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellow, the chair of UC Berkeley’s 100% Renewable campaign, and a member of Fossil Free Cal.

Aslesha is the assistant opinion editor. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @aslesha_txt.

JULY 03, 2017