Manhattan minus tourists (almost)

Hailey Johnson/Staff

New York: the city that never sleeps and never goes a day without tourists. As a local, or even as one of the tourists, the struggle becomes finding spots absent of fanny packs and I <3 New York T-shirts. A typical Google search for “what to do in New York” will almost always point you to the major tourist destinations: the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Not to say those sites aren’t worth a visit, but there are also some secluded/less frequented spots to check out (that mostly happen to be near Greenwich Village).

To name a few …

Mud Coffee
Mud, a.k.a. Mudspot, is packed neatly between two exposed brick walls just off East 9th St. and 2nd Ave. Upon entering the restaurant/cafe, you’re greeted by lovely decor and a few tables. If you journey to the back of the establishment, you’ll happen upon a magic courtyard which serves as a quick escape from bustling Manhattan. The food and drink is delicious and the sunlight streaming into the courtyard gives the appearance that you are somewhere peaceful.

Phebe’s Tavern & Grill
For a night out, or a late dinner, hit up Phebe’s. Its chill vibe (and, of course, exposed brick) gives it a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for hanging with friends on a low-key night, or dancing the night away with that rando Bumble boy when the place is poppin’.

The Hudson River
If you’re craving some time alone, you can’t go wrong with a walk by the Hudson. A paved walkway stretches for miles along the river and comes equipped with benches and grass to lounge on while river gazing.

Angelika Film Center
To avoid the usual Hollywood movie scene, cruise Angelika for new indie and foreign films. The theatre sits on West Houston Street, making it perfect for an evening after shopping in SoHo.

Washington Square
If you’re craving some nature but can’t make it to Central Park, the lawns of Washington Square will do the trick. Although it is usually on the busier side, it is a less active way to enjoy the city. The park’s central fountain is also frequently filled with people whether it is filled with water or drained for the winter.

To get out of Manhattan altogether, one can venture to Brooklyn for Saturday and Sunday Smorgasburg. Local and regional food vendors set up tents and offer their delectable treats from April through October. You can always find a new dessert or fattening fried food during an afternoon at Smorgasburg.

The Crooked Tree
Food! Crepes! Sangria! The Crooked Tree is named after the literal crooked tree draped with twinkling lights in front of the restaurant. It’s not the delicious pitchers of sangria or the wide assortment of crepes that make the place so special. The restaurant holds a magical element to it and ensures a lovely evening to be had by all.

Think Coffee
With tons of locations all over New York City, Think Coffee is the perfect place to write your next novel or maybe just grab a cool mug and have a cup of joe.

Strand Bookstore
The most magical bookstore in Manhattan and possibly the country comes in the form of the Strand. You can get lost in three floors of books from every genre while surrounded by their red sign aesthetic.

These places serve as a jumping-off point for the endless opportunities near Greenwich Village and New York City at large. During your next trip to Gotham, don’t forget to give ‘em a gander.

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