Wild rush of being home

Caragh McErlean/File

The time has come. Weeks of toil and the fresh hell that is summer school has all led up to this moment. We’re finally home. The journey to get here was a long one, but it was all worth it.

The perks of being home are endless. We’ve gotten more sleep in the first three days back than we did in the past two weeks at school combined. Now that we’re home, our sleep schedule closely resembles that of a three-toed sloth: 15 hours of snoozing a day, with pauses only for snack breaks. That’s not to say this has been easy; the adjustment has come with some serious thought. We’re currently weighing the pros and cons of adding in a third nap to the rotation or just extending the length of the two naps we already have in place.

You know you’ve reached peak summer-break mode when you aren’t sure which day it is. The weekends and weekdays all bleed together, leaving us unsure of which way is up and which day is Tuesday. This blissful ignorance can only mean one thing: no lecture to attend. Our complete and total lack of awareness of time and space comes with the unbridled freedom of not having paper due dates looming over us like ticking time bombs.

Time at home comes with the company of our crazy loved ones. Sure we fought with exactly every member of our immediate family within minutes of our arrival. And so what if we’re maybe already wondering why we even missed them? There’s never a dull moment living with these kooks we call family, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the fun of seeing your friends from home. You know who we’re talking about. Those absolute nut jobs that you do stupid things with for no good reason. The people you’re the most comfortable being yourself with, even if your true self is just about the weirdest person to ever grace the planet. Being home comes with late nights of staying up laughing at everything while riding the high that comes with being together with your best friends.

The wild rush of being home never gets old. All that time we spend suffering in the depths of Main Stacks is all worth it for the payoff of going back to the place that we love the most.

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