6 reasons the Fourth of July is the best day to be born

Johnny Mitchell/File

The Fourth of July was awesome, but it wasn’t just America’s birthday. Believe it or not, actual beings were born on this day. Read on to see why their birthday is the best.

  1. You share a birthday with America

Fourth of July is basically a big birthday party for the country, so you can join in on the celebration.

  1. People are down to party

As long as people can wear denim shorts and get a good Instagram pic, people are always ready to go hard on July Fourth.

  1. Food is great on the Fourth of July

Party foods such as burgers, hot dogs, watermelon and popsicles are all essentials at a Fourth of July banger, so the food will just add to the fun!

  1. Fireworks

Fireworks are the ultimate festivity indicator. When the whole country is popping fireworks on YOUR day, your birthday becomes even greater. Except for the environmental degradation, of course.

  1. It’s in the summertime

Summertime is clearly the superior season because its warm and sunny and more laid-back. What a great season to have a birthday in!

  1. Everyone gets the day off

It is a national holiday, so everyone has the day off and is ready to rumble!

Count your stars, Fourth of July babies.

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