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Why Tom Hanks’ Instagram is a national treasure

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Three typewriters from Hanks' personal collection were used as inspiration for the design of the new app. "It makes me work a little slower," Hanks says — and that's a good thin


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JULY 11, 2017

Many of you may know Thomas Jeffrey Hanks as that actor in some movies you liked and some you didn’t like. Who knew his Instagram would parallel his iconic Hollywood career?

Let’s begin by diving into Hanks’ gold mine of precious dad jokes.

Only the great Hanks would post a photo of his shadow and ask, “Does this shadow make me look fat? Hanx.” He even got in on throwing some shade at the hottest new trends, taking a pic of a fidget spinner left behind in the grass next to a baseball, stating “The American Pastimes. Hanx.”

Pooja Bale / Blog Staff

Upon seeing a tip jar that red “Tips for Thanks,” Hanks captioned his snap, “You mean Hanx?” — a twist on what he always puts after each of his captions and which doubles as a twist on his last name. (And “thanks” is basically T. Hanks, which is basically Tom Hanks, which is another pun which we know we did not pull off well but we can’t all be as great as Hanx.)

He even took a pic of a rainbow and captioned it, “How to find your way home. Hanx.” (!!!) If we could follow him a million times, we would.

He’s also posted a pic of a very questionable suit covered with jack-o’-lanterns from one of his SNL skits, claiming that his Halloween costume is ready. Fashionable and prepared!

Speaking of clothing items, Hanks has a habit of taking pics of abandoned gloves, shoes and more gloves complete with corny but hilarious captions. He seems to run into a lot of gloves (or maybe he’s looking for them?). He takes pictures of interesting buildings, too; his photo of a creepy-looking building seemingly went viral, causing more than just him to wonder what was going on inside. Hanks knows just how to keep his followers on their feet.

Pooja Bale / Blog Staff

He’s also trolled his followers by snapping the ground and wondering if anyone had seen his keys, which were right at the bottom of the pic. Classic Hanx.

We can’t leave out the pics he has taken of discarded items that say “I Heart NY” accompanied by a sly comment that he loves NY too and his videos of kooky kids (both holding skulls and riding bikes) and wild beasts running amok in the city! If you want a further explanation, you just have to go see it yourself.

Hanks even poses with old funky-looking cars and claims them as his own. “I got a new truck! I’m going camping! Hanx.” We wish we were that ambitious.

Did we mention he crashed someone’s wedding and promptly took a pic with them?

And how could we forget the adorable love posts he drops across his Insta for his wife and his loving obsession with typewriters?

Pooja Bale / Blog Staff

Plus, it’s Tom freakin’ Hanks, which should be a deal-breaker already.

If you’re still not convinced about the Insta of America’s dad, go take a look yourself! We can only bow down in his rival-worthy sarcasm and prowess for making us laugh through our tears when reading his heartfelt post for Adam West. You WILL be entertained; we guarantee it (and we definitely won’t blame you if you lurk a little).

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JULY 11, 2017