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If Westeros were UC Berkeley

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JULY 14, 2017

From the Sunset Sea to the Shivering Sea, Westeros is home to millions. From Southside to Northside, UC Berkeley can hold tens of thousands students on campus. Strangely enough, UC Berkeley has areas within it that have similar characteristics to certain regions of Westeros. If you’ve ever pondered what the “Game of Thrones” world of Westeros would be like if it were UC Berkeley, then ponder no more.

Land of Always Winter

The Land of Always Winter is a subarctic wasteland inhospitable to humans. This is reminiscent of the first floor of Moffitt, which is inexplicably cold and furnished with uncomfortable chairs.

King’s Landing

As the land of great power and corruption, it’s only appropriate that King’s Landing is the chancellor’s mansion. King’s Landing is surrounded by a great wall, making it inaccessible to outsiders, just like the chancellor’s place.


Oldtown is by far the oldest city in Westeros. Similarly, South Hall is the oldest building on campus (and the only remaining building of the original campus).

The Westerlands

The Westerlands are rich in silver and gold, which has given the House Lannister its formidable wealth. At UC Berkeley, the Haas School of Business has produced a plethora of wealthy folks with its exclusive resources and connections. The similarities are uncanny.


Dorne’s a harsh desert landscape where people are ethnically distinct from the rest of Westeros. Similarly, Li Ka Shing Center is distinct from most of the rest of campus because it’s far away from pretty much everything. The trek from Evans Hall or any other centrally located building to Li Ka Shing is as painful and exhausting as trekking through a desert landscape.

Castle Black

Castle Black’s a dark, medieval-looking fortress built in the past. The castle has clear parallels to Kresge Engineering Library. Both look like dark fortresses and aren’t necessarily ideal to study in.


Winterfell is a once-great city that has since fallen from grace. Its counterpart on campus is Wheeler Hall, a great building that’s been unusable because of its constant state of construction.

Westeros and UC Berkeley are alike in many of their regions. The campus of UC Berkeley is beautiful and well built, and the diverse landscape and beauty of Westeros and its regions are pretty amazing too. The happenings of “Game of Thrones” are quite cool as well, so make sure to tune in to season seven. Peace, love, Clog.

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JULY 14, 2017