BART opens Clipper-only entrance on south side of Downtown Berkeley station

Anissa Nishioka/Staff

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Early Monday morning, BART opened a Clipper-only entrance on the south side of the Downtown Berkeley station near Allston Way East after being closed for more than a decade.

The Clipper-only entrance is a part of undergoing efforts to revamp and modernize the entire station, according to a BART press release. In addition, the new platform is expected to improve traffic, safety and security at the south end of the station.

BART customer service representative Michael Moran said while customers can only use Clipper cards to enter, they can still use paper tickets to exit through the platform.

“This improves flow both into and out of the station,” Moran said.

BART spokesperson Taylor Huckaby expects more traffic at the south side of the station because the rotunda entrance will close for construction as a part of the Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza and Transit Area Improvement Project after the Allston Way West entrance opens. The rotunda entrance will reopen early 2018.

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