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Best non-coffee items to get at Berkeley coffee shops

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JULY 17, 2017

We at the Clog have an unrequited love for coffee. On a good day, we want coffee. On a bad day, we still want coffee. The exquisite aroma, the tantalizing and rejuvenating taste and the endless potential for aesthetic pictures, coffee is a dream come true – which is why it hurts us all the more to tell you the following: the next time you visit any of the following coffee shops, skip the usual espresso, latte or mocha. Instead, prepare yourself to be mind blown by these non-caffeine items.

Caffe Strada

Strada is life, Strada is heaven. While the cafe’s drinks are hard to beat in Berkeley, you’ve not truly experienced Strada like us professionals until you try their pastries. While we’ve power ranked several of their pastries in the past, have you really lived in Strada’s paradise without trying their double chocolate chip cookie, apple harvest cake or blueberry scone? We think not.

Brewed Awakening

While Brewed Awakening is a prime study space, nestled away on Northside, skip the coffee the next time you’re there. Instead, opt for the coffee shop’s freshly made smoothies – your life will be forever changed. It takes two to tango, so next time you stop by, give the Mango Tango smoothie a try, and you’ll be raving about this cafe for ages.

Elmwood Cafe

Where do we even start with this cafe? Everything on their menu is delicious and not to mention fresh. While their teas and coffees are the loves of our lives, you’re immensely missing out if you haven’t tried their waffles, buttermilk biscuits or raspberry coffecake. And that’s us just getting started.

Yali’s Cafe

While Yali’s is yet another solid study spot and perfect space for your bimonthly gossip session, you’ve got to try their sandwiches and pastries. Their focaccia bread is out of this world, and we beg of you to drop everything and go try their pumpkin chocolate chip bread if you haven’t already.

There you have it, Bears! If you’re addicted to coffee like we at the Clog not-so-secretly are, stop the addiction and try out these non-caffeine items. Or, if you’re the kind to not drink coffee, you have amazing options the next time you and a friend need to catch up.

Peace, love, coffee-free, Clog.  

Avanti Mehrotra is the assistant blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].

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