‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap 1×10: ‘Part X’

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Last week, we dove into the investigation surrounding Major Garland Briggs (Don S. Davis), and learned that Hastings (Matthew Lillard), currently in police custody for the murder of Ruth Davenport, had created a website dedicated to the findings of Hastings and Davenport in alternative dimensions. The website, entitled “The Search for the Zone” is a real site that fans can visit (as confirmed by Spin).

This week, we find Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) treading angrily through the woods in Twin Peaks, where Miriam (Sarah Jean Long) — who saw him kill a child in a car accident during “Part VI” — resides. When she tells him that she’s reported what she saw to the police, he breaks into her home and silences her. It appears that Richard may not face consequences for either violent action, given that he has a contact in the sheriff’s office that can clear his records.

In a Twin Peaks trailer park, Becky Burnett’s (Amanda Seyfried) skeevy boyfriend threatens her, spitting in her face as she cowers into the couch. We haven’t seen this couple since “Part V,” when we learned that Shelly (Mädchen Amick) looks out for Becky — even lending her money when necessary. It appears that the loans are necessary quite frequently.

Meanwhile, Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan), meaning Agent Cooper, is at the doctor with his wife, Janey-E (Naomi Watts), after his kerfuffle with an assassin out to kill him in “Part VII.” The doctor gives him a clean bill of health; it appears that Agent Cooper is much thinner than the original Dougie. In the next scene, we learn that the assassin’s attack within that episode took place “just yesterday.”

After being whacked in the face by a maid on a fly-swatting mission, Rodney Mitchum (Robert Knepper) — who co-owns the casino where Cooper won several hundred thousand dollars in “Part IV” — sits with his brother Bradley (James Belushi) watching television. They see on the news that a hitman (the assassin who tried to kill Cooper/Dougie) has been apprehended by police. They also see that the target, Dougie, is still around.

In fact, he’s doing well enough to return to the doctor and have mind-blowing sex with Janey-E. Well, we assume it’s mind-blowing, since Janey-E screams loud enough to awaken her son and Dougie’s arms bounce about, matching the goofy grin on his face. (Thanks for that, David Lynch.)

Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler), a business executive, later has a meeting with Dougie’s colleague Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) — the one he accused of lying on insurance documents in “Part V,” which got him in trouble with his boss. Todd orders Sinclair to tell the casino-owning Mitchum brothers that Dougie/Cooper cost them $30 million. In fact, it seems that Todd is under orders from the doppelgänger to get rid of Cooper. Though the assassin couldn’t do the job, it seems Todd is confident that the Mitchum brothers will do it for him.

From the scene between the Mitchum brothers afterward, it appears that Todd might be right.

Back at the sheriff’s office, Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) is chatting with Deputy Chad Broxford (John Pirruccello), when he reveals himself to be Richard Horne’s contact by sifting through the mail. Lucy seems to find his impatience with the mail suspicious at first, but doesn’t confront him about his shuffling through it at first; it appears that she didn’t see him actually snag Mariam’s letter from the pile.

Desperate, Richard visits his grandmother in search of the family safe. He tears through her home to find it, before leaving with only her purse.

Later, when Agent Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) goes to see FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch), Cole sees the specter of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) at first. The moment is reminiscent of the horrors that were a staple in the original series. Cole snaps out of it quickly, and Rosenfield informs him that Diane (Laura Dern) received some suspicious texts that morning, including: “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.” The agents also learn that the doppelgänger, who they still believe is Cooper himself, was present at the murder in New York City, which we witnessed in the first installment.

Near the episode’s end, Hawk (Michael Horse) is seen sharing a phone call with the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson), in which she tells him, “Laura is the one.” The episode closes with a performance of “No Stars” by Rebekah Del Rio and Moby.

In true “Twin Peaks” fashion, there are more questions left open than answered in this episode, well into the “The Return.” With eight episodes remaining, we are left to wonder whether Cooper will survive, if he will ever be found by Cole and his friends at the FBI, and where the hell his doppelgänger is. We can only hope that the coming installments will explain Cole’s hallucination of Laura and at least some of the additional unsolved mysteries of the series.

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