Venue vibes: The Midway SF

Scott Kline/Courtesy

This past Friday night I got the opportunity to experience an up-and-coming space in the east side of San Francisco. Located in the Dogpatch, the Midway sits with views of the water directly across the street. The space calls itself a “creative complex,” reserving room for performances as well as creation.

I spoke with the complex’s culinary director Chris Fry, who explained that the space is currently in the works, getting built and perfected in order to produce a complex with an immersive music, food, tech and art configuration. Fry was particularly emphasizing Madam Zola’s Fortune Cafe, the venue’s in-house cafe.

Along with Madame Zola’s, the 40,000-square-foot venue also has an exhibition kitchen, two art galleries, artist studios with workshop space, two performance spaces (called RIDE and Gods and Monsters) and ENVELOP — a fully-immersive audio-visual software— which they described as an “emerging technologies space.”

The Midway is a space rife with creative energy, harnessing the power of technology to carefully craft a unique experience. From grooving at a house show to learning the culinary art to immersive sound yoga, the Midway hosts a variety of events. A fantastic space for artists, visionaries and creatives to jive together and flourish. It’s truly a badass space utilizing pure ingenuity to transform a warehouse into a home for a community of likeminded innovators.

Upcoming events and more information can be found on their website:

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