What your Caffe Strada drink says about you

Ethan Epstein /File
Ethan Epstein /File

Orange juice

You’re a jokester! People rely on you for a laugh or a hilarious anecdote about your crazy life. Sometimes you have trouble focusing, but only because you are the life of the party.

Iced chai latte

Even though you enjoy being a little wild on the weekends, you probably have your life together. You’re well balanced, and people are attracted to your kind soul.

Black coffee

You like to pretend you’re tough, but you secretly have a soft side. You are artistic and appreciate the finer things in life.

Bianca mocha

You seem pretty normal on the surface, but you’re actually pretty kooky and only those really close to you know that.


You are responsible, especially when it comes to academics. You are cautious when making decisions and usually make the right ones. People have accused you of not living on the edge enough, but you’re confident in who you are.

Fizzy pomegranate

You are a vibrant person and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You’re not afraid to go against the grain, so people are sometimes a little overwhelmed by your upbeat personality.


You are the mom (or dad) of your friend group. You’re always there when someone needs an ear to vent to, but sometimes that means that people aren’t always responsive to your needs. You’re sassy and give great advice.

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