‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap 1×11: ‘Part XI’

Amanda Seyfried in "Twin Peaks: The Return"
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Last week’s episode began picking up breadcrumbs left throughout the first half of “The Return.” And as they become illuminated, we are learning that all paths lead back to Laura Palmer, the Black Lodge and the suspicious forces originating in our beloved town of Twin Peaks. While Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) and Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) are searching for Agent Cooper locally, FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) is doing much the same nationally, bouncing from state to state as strange and seemingly-impossible clues appear.

This week’s episode begins with a harmless game of catch between neighborhood boys. But, because nothing can be harmless for too long in “Twin Peaks,” the boys soon notice something strange in the brush nearby the yard. Miriam (Sarah Jean Long), bruised and bloodied, is crawling toward them, likely a result of being beaten by Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) last week after she saw him kill a child in a car accident in “Part IV.”

Immediately after, we see Becky Burnett (Amanda Seyfried) screaming into a phone. It appears something has happened with her abusive husband, Steven (Caleb Landry Jones) — it sounds like he’s been cheating on her. Becky then calls her mother Shelly (Mädchen Amick) for help, and she quickly arrives at Becky and Steven’s trailer. Becky’s scorn sends her soaring past her mother, who jumps on the hood of the car in an attempt to stop Becky from driving away with a gun in search of Steven. Becky spins out, sending her mother flying off the hood and rolling into the grass, and drives off.

Luckily for Shelly, Carl (Harry Dean Stanton) is nearby — and Carl has connections at the sheriff’s station. When Shelly calls Norma (Peggy Lipton), her boss at the Double R Diner, for advice, Norma suggests she call Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) — her lover in the original series, whom she has yet to be seen with in “The Return.” Upon hearing this, Carl patches in a pal at the sheriff’s office to put her in touch Deputy Bobby Briggs. It turns out Bobby and Shelley were once married and Becky is their daughter together.

Becky soon begins banging down the door of a woman’s apartment where Steven is presumably hiding. When no one comes to the door, she shoots straight through it to no avail — Steven and the mystery woman were hiding downstairs.

Later, Shelly and Bobby sit with their daughter at the Double-R, discussing the future of her relationship. As the conversation winds down, Shelly hops up to greet her current lover with a kiss at the door.

Meanwhile, Cole and Agent Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) bring Hastings (Matthew Lillard) back to the spot where he claims he saw the late Major Briggs (Don S. Davis) when he and his murdered accomplice Ruth Davenport allegedly travelled to an alternate dimension. As Cole approaches the spot, the sky opens into a vortex that reaches towards him — while Rosenfield and his associates casually observe. Rosenfield pulls Cole out of the vortex, and the pair find the missing body of Davenport, whose head was already found, with unidentified coordinates written on her arm. At the same time, a specter approaches the car where Hastings awaits and crushes his skull, killing him violently.

That night, Hawk and Truman look over a special map, covered in symbols spanning Twin Peaks, and locate black fire. In that time, they receive a message from the Log Lady (Catherine Coulson): “There is fire where you are going.”

At the same time, Cole and Rosenfield confirm that the body they found belonged to Ruth Davenport. Together with Diane (Laura Dern), another FBI agent, and a local policeman, they try to figure out who or what could have killed Hastings.

In the world of Dougie/Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), things are looking shady. Dougie’s boss celebrates his accidental exposure of crime in their insurance business and tells him that the Mitchum brothers will be ecstatic to learn that their claim, once denied, was found legitimate. Dougie (i.e., Agent Cooper) will have the honor of giving them a check for $30 million. Little do they know that the Mitchum brothers loathe “Dougie,” whose winnings at their casino cost them millions. All the while, Cooper is still living catatonically and hallucinating images of the Black Lodge.

When Cooper finally arrives with a box to meet the Mitchum brothers, they become convinced that if Bradley (James Belushi) can correctly predict the contents of the box, then “Dougie” must be a friend — not a foe — so they can’t kill him as planned. Inside the box is a cherry pie and in Cooper’s pocket is their check. Needless to say, the Mitchum brothers now love Dougie.

At dinner, they toast to the pie that saved Dougie’s life — but we all know that cherry pie changed Agent Cooper’s life as well.

This episode threaded together some strings left hanging from the original series and the start of “The Return.” We now know that Shelly and Bobby’s happily-ever-after together was temporary — but at least we got to see them share the screen again. This episode also came closer to exploring Cole and Rosenfield’s understandings of alternate dimensions, such as the Black Lodge. Even though they haven’t discussed it yet, they know that they saw a ghost and that Cole was nearly consumed by Hasting’s vortex. Finally, this episode also featured several allusions to Cooper’s returning consciousness — signaling an imminent turning point for our favorite agent.

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