Draw Billiard Club coming to Downtown Berkeley in August

Lianne Frick/Staff

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Draw Billiard Club, a bar and billiards hall, will be opening in Downtown Berkeley’s arts district at 64 Shattuck Square in August.

The bar, with its art deco theme and custom pool tables, is meant to have “a speakeasy vibe,” according to Draw Billiard Club co-founder Jason Kung. The top floor will have a patio and open-aired windows and serve food and drinks, while the downstairs basement level will feature 15 pool tables where players can be served beverages while playing. Both levels will have a bar serving alcohol, espresso and other drinks.

The co-founders of Draw Billiard Club, Kung and Paul Revenaugh, who both graduated from Berkeley High School, opened another billiard hall in Emeryville, The Broken Rack, in 1998. Revenaugh also later opened The Sunny Side Cafe in Berkeley. After leaving those two businesses, Kung and Revenaugh decided to collaborate again on Draw Billiard Club.

“We’ve always been into billiards and love the game of pool,” Kung said. “We decided to create a unique experience here where it’s not just … pool tables next to a bar. We’re providing actually quite an experience for people who enjoy the game of pool and people who enjoy quality food and drinks in a comfortable setting.”

Draw Billiard Club will be supplied with coffee and soda from East Bay Area-based McLaughlin Coffee Company and Alameda Point Craft Soda Co., respectively. Both companies worked together with Kung and Revenaugh in past ventures and have decided to continue their partnership.

“We’re partnering … with a local business in the community that’s part of a community of people that live our values,” said Sky Pace, co-founder and CEO of Alameda Point Craft Soda Co. “I think it’s a great concept and I think it’s a nice place for people to be and hangout.”

Kung said he believes his bar will complement the other restaurants and establishments in the area. Matthew Jervis, director of vitality at the Downtown Berkeley Association, said he was excited to see Draw Billiard Club open, calling it “pretty unique to anything else” in the Downtown Berkeley food scene.

“There’s pool tables, there’s great food (and) it’s a beautifully done interior, so it’s not your normal everyday restaurant bar,” Jervis said. “Without a doubt, I think it’s going to be popular.

Dan Phillips, interim general manager of Cornerstone Craft Beer and Live Music, stated that the addition of Draw Billiard Club would help create a more lively downtown. “The more businesses, the better,” Phillips said. “I’d say more options is always good. (With) more choices (and) more competition, everybody’s forced to up their game a little bit.

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