10 things to do in the 10 minutes of Berkeley Time

Maya Kandell/File

Berkeley Time: one of our beloved school’s greatest gifts to us. Ten minutes seems like a lot, but time flies when you’re getting your booty kicked by school.

So we at the Clog crafted 10 things for you to do during these 10 minutes.

  1. Call your parents. Just to say hi, not to complain or ask for money. They miss you!
  2. Answer that email that requires you to do something. You don’t actually have to do it, but hey, at least you seem productive.
  3. Learn a foreign phrase. Motivation to study abroad?
  4. Eat a snack. Brain food!
  5. Throw out everything in the bottom of your backpack. That broken pen? Time to say goodbye.
  6. Review your notes from last class.
  7. Become friends with the people sitting next to you. Swap numbers! Automatic study buddies!
  8. Clean up your desktop. At least pretend you have control of your life.
  9. Write a to-do list. Nothing makes you feel productive like a to-do list. Then you can freak out about all of the things you didn’t realize you needed to do!
  10. Smoke some weed. Just kidding. That’s completely inappropriate to do in a class room. Well, actually, it is UC Berkeley. So maybe offer your professor some?

See you in 10, Bears!

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