Dance like everyone’s watching

Anna Vignet/File

Have you ever been at a dance bash or roller discotheque (or maybe even a frat party) and found yourself at a loss for your next dance move? We at the Clog have been in your situation too.

Dancing is a key part of any shindig and should really be the top priority for a night on the town.

Luckily, we have the choreography of the film and television industry to save the day. When you don’t want to overuse your signature running man or shopping cart swivel, look to the movies as your savior.

First and foremost, channel your inner wealthy mother and get those hips groovin’ like Amy Poehler in “Mean Girls.”


The stiff movement of your hips back and forth while holding your hand as though to direct traffic really gets the people going.

Alternatively, you can pull dance moves from the ever-famous “Napoleon Dynamite” scene, or perhaps you’d prefer to mimic Lindsay Lohan’s attempt at playing guitar in “Freaky Friday.”



If the solo acts like Spongebob’s “bring it around town” are too lonely for you, try sparking a flash dance with no apparent previous choreography like what Amanda Bynes manages in “What a Girl Wants.” Just as Emma Stone told us in “Easy A,” you always need a musical number for no apparent reason.


Regardless of your dance of choice, remember the sound advice from Jake in “Awkward” – no matter the move, it’s all about the facial expressions.


A single move can make or break your night, so don’t be the awkward one in the corner who doesn’t know how to dance. Study up and then you can be the awkward one in the middle who doesn’t know how to dance but has an awesome time anyway.

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