7 types of dancers at every party

New York City Fire Department/Creative Commons

A trip to a party or club can be the highlight of our strenuous week. Whether you bust a move, Snapchat your thrilling life or people-watch, you’ll always find these seven types of dancers at every single party. Which one are you?

Professional line dancer

Whether it’s the Soulja Boy or the cliched Macarena, the line dancer always manages to make their way to the forefront by counting off and teaching challenged stragglers. Those that identify as line dancers often participate in Zumba classes, making their repository of routines vast and on the verge of becoming fitness regimes showcased on a Richard Simmons DVD. While they may not be the best dancers, their enthusiasm makes them qualified enough to gain an audition for “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Comedic dancer

On the verge of being exceptional dancers, the comedic dancer is the first person to start dancing during a party, helping break the awkward tension. Known for their overly exaggerated expressions and charismatic personas, comedic dancers often look for victims to drag onto the dance floor, making them the best companions for newcomers. These social butterflies can never be found in the same place and often leave at the end of the night with a few additional contacts and a new set of pupils who’ve mastered their endearing dance style.

Unlicensed singer

Instead of entering the center of the mosh pit, unlicensed singers tend to sing toward the outskirts, often shouting over the loud music to belt their favorite songs. While most unlicensed singers cannot carry a tune and alter the composition by scrambling the lyrics, others are quite gifted but are immediately drowned out by the karaoke-hungry participants. Unlicensed singers often stick to their own type, preferring to showcase their “musicality” and “popularity” on Snapchat for the amusement of their friends.

Couples dancer

Apparently unable to find a room elsewhere, couples tend to either be heavy grinders or awkward slow dancers. While couples arrive under the guise of a “subtle” date night or a group Instagram opportunity, they still prefer to stick to themselves while dancing. Rarely communicating with one another, these affectionate couples are easy to spot due to their need to flaunt their relationship via “low-key” PDA for everyone to watch.  

Dance battler

Battlers tend to be the best dancers at any event — they can breakdance, flip and freestyle to any song. Confident enough to be thrown into a coliseum of people judging them, the battler is prepared to shine at any cost and often relies on a signature move to ultimately win the title. Usually the most stylish at the club, the battler tends to come with their own crew that’ll help draw attention to them for maximum support. Although arrogant at times, battlers are sincere entertainers aware of and willing to prove their prowess.  

Shy performer

Forced to the event by pushy friends, the shy performer’s often found against the wall or on the outskirts of the dance floor, bouncing and bopping their body as they poorly attempt to camouflage with their surroundings. Slightly uncomfortable in their environment, once pushed to the center, shy dancers shed their inhibitions and showcase their natural rhythm. They, however, quickly backtrack to the edge. Often introverts, shy performers end up debating whether or not they enjoyed the embarrassment and satisfaction of their dancing experience.

The drunkard

While some people start out as drunks, others make their way to this state after repeatedly visiting the free bar. Arguably the most fun to watch, the drunkard always finds a way to make you ignore the stain they created on your favorite outfit by enticing you with their friendly charm. While they often tend to forget the memories you share with them, their carefree dancing and uncharacteristic stupidity make them fast friends. The most memorable at a party, they’re instantly recognized but not always for their “shiny” reputation.

There you have it, Bears: all the types of dancers you can possibly meet at a party! Dance the night away.

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