Your UC Berkeley dance alter ego

Xinyu Li/Senior Staff

Have you ever been at a party — be it a frat, house or silent dance party — and decided it’s time to get the party poppin’? We at the Clog have been there and done that. Before you know it, everyone’s watching you move yo’ thang on the dance floor (for your obviously amazing moves). Now it’s time for us to tell you who your UC Berkeley dance alter ego is — if we saw you dancin’ in the rain or in the sunshine, in the streets or in the libraries, which UC Berkeley celebrity would you most embody?


You don’t care what people say. Wearing a yellow (you like to call it mustard) cardigan buttoned all the way up to a frat party is totally en vogue. When you hit the dance floor, you grab your glasses from your back pocket, pull up your pants as high as they can go and strike a pose. We at the Clog call this the Urkel look. If you get uncomfortably close to people when they’re least expecting it, take pictures with your fans and dance in circles with your hands clasped behind your back, your dance alter ego is most definitely Oski.

David Presti

The music’s got you feelin’ some psychedelic kinda way and the only thing you’re high on is life and this groovy music. Your friends start to go toward the shady guy in the corner who’s offering them some equally shady things, but you leap in front of them (to the beat of the music of course) and school them on your knowledge of those shady things and why they should not engage in such shady activities. You slowly sway back and forth — is your mind even a part of your body anymore? We don’t know, but your alter ego is without a question David Presti.

Nicholas Dirks

You’re often seen partying it up with Oski, but you’re quite the elusive soul. No one knows how you get into every party and seem to know everyone there (perhaps through some sort of secret entrance?). Regardless, you’ve got bills stuffed in your pockets for after-party Artichoke Basille’s. Your friend’s secret personal trainer showed you how to bust some A+ moves from that UrbanKick class, and people are scared and intrigued at the same time. They might as well call you Nicholas Dirks.

The “Hell Yeah!” Guy

You walk into every party swinging bottles of apple cider in both arms. “Hell yeah!” you yell when you see Joe-from-Math-53’s sister’s ex-boyfriend. “Hell yeah!” you scream as you pop open a cold (ginger) beer with your girls on the dance floor. “Hell yeah!” you sing as your favorite song starts boomin’ on the speakers as you bust out the stanky leg and maybe drop a dab or two. While you probably couldn’t have guessed, your alter ego is the “Hell Yeah!” Guy, sorry to break it to ya.

If your alter ego isn’t listed here, we’re not sure you’re living that UC Berkeley life to its fullest. Make your next party unforgettably lit by showing off your dance moves, and other guests might just only remember you by your alter ego thereafter. 

Avanti Mehrotra is the assistant blog editor. Contact Avanti Mehrotra at [email protected].