Kiara Robles drops $23M suit over violence at Yiannopoulos protest

Daniel Kim/File

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Oakland resident Kiara Robles dropped her $23 million lawsuit against campus and UC officials, among others, over violence that occurred at a planned Milo Yiannopoulos event on campus in February.

The lawsuit had been filed in early June by attorneys Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch and Michael Kolodzi.

On Tuesday, Robles filed a “notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice,” dismissing the suit against all defendants. The plaintiff and attorneys Klayman and Kolodzi could not be reached for comment as of press time.

The defendants of the lawsuit included UC President Janet Napolitano, the University of California Regents, UCPD, Berkeley Police Department, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and billionaire investor George Soros, among others.

According to the lawsuit, Robles was “attacked with extremely painful pepper spray and bear mace by masked assailants” at the February protest. The lawsuit alleged “it was the intentional and conscious decision” of the defendants “to withhold effective police protection for politically conservative attendees of the Milo Yiannopoulos event.”

The lawsuit also claimed that campus subjected students who do not subscribe to the “radical, left wing philosophies sanctioned by Defendants” to “severe violence and bodily harm.”

Soros filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit earlier this month, characterizing it as based on an allegation of a “conspiracy” funded by Soros, but containing no factual basis.

In addition, Soros’ motion described the lawsuit as “the latest chapter in Plaintiff’s counsel’s long-running attempt to use the federal courts to prosecute frivolous, unsubstantiated claims against Mr. Soros.” It also states that this is the fourth such lawsuit in the past year, with the other three already having been dismissed.

The Southern Poverty Law Center described Klayman as an “extremist” who “is a pathologically litigious attorney and professional gadfly” that “has spent years denouncing Barack Obama as a crypto-Communist Muslim, convening meaningless ‘citizens grand juries,’ and railing against an endless list of enemies.”

They also classify him as a member of the “Antigovernment Movement.”

Berkeley city attorney Farimah Brown said in an email that the case against the city was “meritless” and that they are pleased with its dismissal.

Roqua Montez, campus spokesperson, said in an email that Robles’ intentions behind the dismissal have not been disclosed. He further clarified that campus had already filed a motion to dismiss the case, adding also that the plaintiff’s claims have no legal merit and that the plaintiff’s allegation had “no basis in fact.”

Montez also responded to criticism made toward campus and UCPD over their handling of the protests at Yiannopoulos’ planned event.

Montez said in an email, “Faced with an unprecedented level of organized violence, UCPD responded in a manner designed to minimize injuries to innocent members of the surrounding crowd, defend the building from incursion by massed attackers, and protect and safely remove the speaker.”

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