‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap 1×12: ‘Part XII’


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Last week’s episode revealed that Shelly (Mädchen Amick) and Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) ended up together, if temporarily. Their daughter, Becky (Amanda Seyfried), was in a bit of a gun-slinging scuffle with her cheating husband last episode, but, as deputy, her father took care of it. We also saw Agent Cooper be reunited with his true love: cherry pie.

This week, we join Cole (David Lynch), Agent Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) and their confidant on Cooper’s case, Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) — a new character from “The Return.”

Rosenfield informs Preston that they’re on a task force called the Blue Rose — which Cooper was also working on 25 years ago — that investigates unidentified foreign objects and supernatural occurrences. Bearing in mind that Rosenfield is the only survivor of the task force besides Cole, they invite Preston to join the Blue Rose and she accepts. Diane (Laura Dern) enters the room soon after — through a dramatic red curtain and wearing white, red and black, no less — and is invited to work with the team as well, despite her slightly shady behavior lately, including suspicious text exchanges. Could she be a double agent?

For the first time in a few episodes, we get a glimpse of Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie), mother of the murdered Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), whose death sparked the investigation of supernatural phenomena in Twin Peaks. Sarah’s aged beautifully, but appears a little bit worse for the wear mentally and emotionally — and who can blame her after what she went through in the original series? When Sarah leaves the grocery store in a bit of a state, Hawk (Michael Horse) stops by her home, where she once lived with her husband and daughter. When Hawk visits her, Sarah seems a little better, but her demeanor moves suspiciously between uncaring and steaming with anger.

We also get a glimpse of Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), i.e., Dougie, playing catch with Dougie’s son — if you can call his statuesque ballplay “catch.” At this point, these scenes seem to serve only to remind us that Cooper is still not back to himself.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) pays a visit to Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) to inform him that his grandson, Richard (Eamon Farren), killed the little boy in the car accident in “Part VI” and attempted to kill the only witness, Miriam (Sarah Jean Long), in “Part X.” Their conversation lets us in on an important update: Harry (Michael Ontkean), from the original series, is sick — though his lack of presence in the show is actually due to Ontkean’s retirement. Ben gives Truman the key to Cooper’s room at The Great Northern and asks him to give it to Harry as a gift, as Harry and Cooper were very close friends before Cooper disappeared.

Back with the FBI, Cole has a very slow-moving “date” that’s getting in the way with information Rosenfield has to share: he knows about Diane’s suspicious text exchanges.

In the interim, the duo that Cooper’s doppelgänger met after his escape from prison, Gary Hutchens (Tim Roth) and Chantal Hutchens (Jennifer Jason Leigh), appear to be targeting someone by sniper. They hit their target and drive off to Wendy’s before we can even see the man’s face.

Audrey returns to Twin Peaks.

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Then, after a radio-update from Doctor Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the debut of Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) on “The Return” — and she’s as matter-of-fact as ever. Turns out her lover is missing and her husband Charlie (Clark Middleton), who could be her ex-husband, if the papers she wants him to sign are divorce papers, won’t help her look for him. Their argument has several suspicious elements; it feels more like a puzzle for audiences than a conversation. The good news is that Audrey still takes no bullshit — hopefully, she’s back for good.

At the end of the episode, which has intermittently returned to Diane and her text exchanges, we see Diane look at coordinates for the place we know this all comes back to: Twin Peaks.

The episode ends on an exchange between two women gossiping about several characters we haven’t met yet: Andrea, Angela, Mary, Clark, Trick and on and on. Who are these people? We don’t know yet, and we don’t have to; this is Twin Peaks — we just have to wait and see when their names will reappear again in a few episodes. Their scene concludes with a performance by Chromatics, one of the first bands to perform at the start of the season.

This episode has given us a goldmine: the Blue Rose was defined and Audrey finally joined “The Return.” On top of that, we’ve learned of new mysteries related to Audrey and her husband, and we saw several central women characters wearing combinations of red and black. We know by now that as things fall into place, other things must fall out of place to maintain the mystery. Now that we’ve seen Audrey, we could be one step closer to finding Cooper and seeing him recuperate from the catatonic state he’s been in since day one.

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