All about burritos

As residents of California, we all have the ability, nay the privilege, to consume some of the best burritos in the world. Where did this wondrous food come from you ask? Let us at the Clog take you on the journey of the burrito.

First things first, why does the name of this carb-loaded, comfort food translate to “little donkey?” That’s right, “burro” is the Spanish word for donkey and the attachment of “ito” conveys something small or endeared. The best explanation for this strange pairing of food to livestock is that the shape of a rolled tortilla reminded people of the packs and bedrolls that donkeys were used to transport.

Burritos are thought to have come into being in the Mexican-American community, which is why you may hear people claim that it isn’t Mexican food. They’re sort of a spin-off of tacos, with several fillings inside a plain or grilled tortilla.

A common difference between burritos you may find in the United States and those you find in Mexico is the fillings. Here in the United States we tend to fill burritos with all sorts of things (ranging from guacamole to french fries), while burritos in Mexico may only have meat and beans. In any case, burritos are delicious in all forms and with all fillings. Some of the best come in the following forms:

California burrito: carne asada, sour cream, shredded cheese and french fries

BRC: beans, rice and cheese (option to add guac or french fries)

Veggie: beans, rice, cheese and any veggie you choose

Breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs, avocado, black beans and cheese

Freebird’s quesarrito: a quesadilla wrapped around any filling you like

Last but not least is a burrito which may be controversial but certainly delicious: Taco Bell’s bean burrito. It may be the furthest thing from genuine Mexican food, but it’s the perfect midnight snack.

There’s also always Chipotle, if you feel like that’s healthy or something.

Regardless of their origin or filling, burritos are the perfect drunchie, munchie, sunset food and/or full on meal. Never forget your salsa!

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