‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ recap 1×13: ‘Part XIII’

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Last week we hardly saw Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), but we finally got a glimpse of Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn). We also learned that Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Agent Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) have developed a special task force devoted to Agent Cooper and all the paranormalism surrounding his investigations and eventual disappearance — and saw that Diane (Laura Dern) may be a little more shady than either of the two men anticipated.

This week’s episode begins with a song and dance from the Mitchum brothers (Robert Knepper and James Belushi) and their pink ladies, including new fan-favorite Candie (Amy Shiels). They arrive at Dougie’s office to deliver gifts to Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) and his boss. Meanwhile, Anthony Sinclair (Tom Sizemore) is terrified because this celebration puts a wrench in his order from Mr. Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler): to get rid of Dougie. And while Dougie goes home to celebrate with his wife, Janey-E (Naomi Watts), the doppelgänger is off wreaking havoc — still long-haired and brooding in his leather jacket — in a duel with Ray (George Griffith) and his biker gang.

As much as the men threaten him, the doppelgänger doesn’t bat an eye (seriously, does this clone even blink?). So he rises to the challenge of an arm-wrestling match with the gang’s apparent leader, Renzo (Derek Mears). And while Renzo nearly slams the doppelgänger’s hand at first, the doppelgänger doesn’t even look strained as he slowly pulls their arms back to “starting position” again and again. With Renzo pulsing with pain and rage, the doppelgänger yanks his arm back and forth, until he finally breaks his arm — and his face. His prize? Control of Ray’s crew — and they bend to his every word.

When they’re alone, Ray — once the doppelgänger’s partner — reveals that Phillip Jeffries (portrayed by David Bowie in the original series) ordered him to kill the doppelgänger. Throughout their exchange, Ray’s crew is watching them via surveillance camera in another room, where Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) appears. When Ray reveals that Jeffries is at a place called “The Dutchman’s” — which Ray thinks it’s not a real place, but the doppelgänger is fully aware of — the doppelgänger shoots him in the face, sending Ray’s body to the Black Lodge.

Meanwhile at the police station, local cops match Dougie’s DNA with Agent Cooper’s — a result they immediately laugh at and throw in the trash, because who the hell would believe that Dougie is a missing F.B.I. agent? Anyone who sees Dougie’s face light up at the sight of coffee knows that he is none other than Agent Cooper. Especially when he rises from his seat to acquire a slice of cherry pie to enjoy with his morning brew.

But, in this episode, when Dougie leaves his drink, Anthony drops something suspicious in his cup. But this plot doesn’t last long, because Dougie returns to give the man a kindly massage, giving him an overwhelming guilt that drives him to dump the poisoned drink. Later, he confesses to being a double insurance agent by working for Duncan Todd and trying to poison Dougie.

Back at the Double-R Diner, Shelly (Mädchen Amick) comforts her daughter Becky (Amanda Seyfried) over her marital woes over a slice of pie as well. Later that day, Bobby (Dana Ashbrook) arrives at the diner and is invited to dine with Norma (Peggy Lipton) and Ed (Everett McGill) — lovers from the original series — who seem to have drifted, given Ray’s longing looks at Norma from across the diner as she shares her table with another man, later in the night. The man is helping Norma strategize the expansion of the Double-R Diner, which she now owns. She pushes back on the idea that her cherry pies cost too much, despite the man’s argument that “love doesn’t always turn a profit.” He clearly doesn’t know what we know: that if “Twin Peaks” has taught us anything, it’s that cherry pie is the cure for everything — maybe even post-Black Lodge catatonia.

This episode also checks in with Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Gary (Tim Roth), Nadine (Wendy Robie) and Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), a near-robotic Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie), as well as Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) and Charlie (Clark Middleton). Charlie speaks to Audrey with an annoying condescension, especially considering that she arguably the most aware character in the original series.

The episode closes with a performance from James Hurley (James Marshall) of his romantic tune, “Just You,” — a rehash of a track from the original series. The song draws the attention and tears from series-newcomer Renee (Jessica Szohr), who was introduced at the start of “The Return.”

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