ASUC Inter-Semester Committee convenes for last summer meeting

Catherine Wallin/Staff

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The ASUC Inter-Semester Committee gathered Sunday evening for its last meeting before the ASUC Senate reconvenes for the academic year. The committee discussed two resolutions — one concerning ASUC sponsorship duties and conditions, and another in support of creating an “Emerging Initiatives Fund.”

Five senator-elects, Senator Nathan Kelleher and EVP-designee Nickie Lewis were present at the meeting with Chief Legal Officer Jen Shi.

Senate Resolution 97, titled “ASUC Sponsorship Duties & Conditions”— sponsored by ASUC senator Miranda Hernandez — was motioned to be tabled indefinitely by Senator-elect Josh Wilson. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.

The resolution outlines the requirements an organization must meet to remain sponsored by the ASUC. It also lists violations that would cease ASUC-sponsorship for organizations, such as academic or financial misconduct.

Senate Resolution 104, titled “In Support of Creating ‘Emerging Initiatives Fund’ ” — which is primarily sponsored by Senator Benyamin bin Mohd Yusof and co-sponsored by Senators Rosa Kwak and Anthony Carrasco — was opened to debate by Shi.

The resolution aims to provide additional funding for new or recently reactivated student organizations.

While Shi acknowledged the bill addresses the need for more funding and support for newly started student organizations, she expressed concern that this specific bill would instead create an “additional layer” of complication to the “already intimidating” bureaucratic process, and added that this fund would not “offer them too much.”

Others present, however, said they see the bill more as an opportunity as opposed to an extra layer of bureaucracy, and said they still wanted to implement the bill and assess it after the first year.

“This is just a way for clubs to have access to more money,” Senator-elect Nuha Khalfay said at the meeting. “I think the solution … would be making sure that this fund is super accessible and clubs know this is an option.”

Wilson moved to table SR 104 because of further discussion needed on the total amount of funding organizations would receive, and the source of funding. The motion was passed by unanimous consent.

The meeting was originally planned for Wednesday evening but was delayed “due to safety concerns” according to ASUC General Manager Isabel Chen after a wildfire began near campus earlier in the day.

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